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Black Business Space

Black Business Space
Posted By: Lee Green on May 25, 2005

The Premier Black Site For Home-based And Small Black Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Start networking your way to success now.
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Thanks for the info. Did you know that you can have your author do selected readings on NBBTA Radio? Check it out at
Tuesday, January 31st 2006 at 4:28PM
SIE aka george simons
orderly at helping hands elder home care
Monday, May 15th 2006 at 10:45PM
Ask yourself, "If absolutely anything were possible, what would I love to have happen?" Not what would be nice, or what seems reasonable. Forget reasonable. Think big. What would I love to do? Whom would I love to be? How good could it be?

One of the greatest lessons of life that I have learned is simply this: "Have faith that what you want, also wants you in return!"

Engaging in genuine discipline requires that you develop the ability to take action. You don't need to be hasty if it isn't required, but you don't want to lose much time either. Here's the time to act: when the idea is hot and the emotion is strong.

Stop resisting it.

Manifest it.

You deserve it.
Saturday, March 17th 2007 at 1:20AM
Come visit 2.0!

Great Site! Great People! Great Network!
Friday, July 13th 2007 at 6:46PM
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