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What have you been created to do that you are not doing and why aren
"I think everyone goes through life trying to figure that question out and them do not realize until it's too late."

Interviewed by Freya Sullivan Williams 11/06/08

(interview me)
Reginald Culpepper
President, Fulfillment and Web Services, HBCUCONNECT

Joined: Sep 6th, 2000
My Awards
About   (request update)
Hi all! I have been working with HBCUConnect since the early 2000s. My roles have varied so I have experience doing all sorts of things, including video editing. I have previously worked with Lucent Technologies and Worldcom/MCI. I also taught a few years as an adjunct professor at DeVry University. My background is in technology/computers - thus my degree in Computer Science. I was a military child and have been to Germany 3 times because of it. Visited Italy and France while I was overseas. I hope to one day travel the globe.
My Interview Question
What things can we do on HBCUConnect to make it a better site?
Current Whereabouts:
I'm into computers of course, music, lazing around at home, etc... I want to try my hand at acting or something in the entertainment industry, but I'm not sure if I'd be any good, but I think I can act ... as long as you do not ask me to cry on the spot.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
Making money and retiring comfortably.
Education   (request update)
Clark Atlanta University class of 1998
Undergrad Major: Computer and Information Science
Campus Organization:
Phi Beta Sigma
Claim To Fame:
Being a member of the "Horsemen" crew and Trojans intramural basketball program.
Most Memorable Moment:
I have lots - too many to state. It was a memorable experience that I would not trade - good and/or bad. Loved my time at CAU - Go Panthers!
Clark Atlanta University class of 1998
Grad Major: Computer and Information Science
High School: Columbus High School in Columbus, GA class of 1993
Activities & Accomplishments:
Beta Club, Football, Track, German Club, Honor Roll
Best Memories:
Getting accepted into college with a full scholarship offer. Playing sports, being a military brat.
I currently work with HBCUCONNECT as President, Fulfillment and Web Services
I have 26 years of experience working in the Computers, Software industry.
President, Online Operations & Fulfillment | HBCUConnect, LLC
From June 2005 to Current • 19 year(s)
In my current role, I assist clients with fulfillment needs as it pertains to services through HBCUConnect. Making sure that the client gets what they need and what they expect is priority. I also conduct tools training to clients who wish to utilize our services to recruit diverse talent. This mainly consists of using our resume database tool as well as posting job and internship opportunities. If it is a service that we provide, I am usually in the loop at some point and time to help facilitate and make sure we execute on everything promised.
Technical Lead | American Direct, Inc.
From April 2003 to June 2005 • 2 year(s)
In this position, I made sure all of our technical capabilities were up to par and in working order. This included computers (software and hardware), printers, phone systems, and surveillance systems. I often assisted the Sales team with creating contracts when a sale was made. I helped handle membership inquiries as well as handled cash and check transactions. I also assisted in the "store" of American Direct in various capacities. I helped develop their client-facing web site using ASP/HTML/Javascript.
Web Application Developer/ Programmer | MCI Worldcom / UUNET
From March 2000 to July 2002 • 2 year(s)
In this role. I was tasked to develop and maintain several java and web applications JAVA, JAVA SERVLETS, JSPs, JAVASCRIPT, and HTML. Various other applications and programs were also developed based on customer and developers needs. Utilized VISUAL SOURCESAFE and VISUAL CAFE programs and apps. Used an ORACLE database as a backend application to store information and documents for all projects all in a UNIX environment. I was also responsible for dministering a WINDOWS 2000 server with help. Activities included starting and stopping processes, rebooting the server, adding applications to the server, adding users for FTP access, etc. I was also the WEBMASTER of our team's intranet site for over a year in which I overlooked all applications and content on the server.
Adjunct Professor | DeVry University
From September 2000 to April 2002 • 2 year(s)
At DeVry, one 3-hour night per week, I lectured college students on the basics of the JAVA programming language on a weekly basis. Subject matter included java applications, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), java GUI with SWING components, java APPLETS, some multimedia (*sound and images*), and file input and output (I/O).
Technical Staff Member/Programmer | Lucent Technologies /Bell Labs
From June 1998 to September 1999 • 1 year(s)
In this role, I debugged existing C programming code in a UNIX environment and then tested it on multiple platforms using Unit Testing procedures. Modified proprietary software for the Year 2000 issue. Created numerous C programs to assist in solving low to high priority bug fixes and Modification Requests (MRs). Programming fixes were documented and bundled up in a package to be sent out to customer sites and installed. I then took a break from being the programmer to being part of Lecent's software deployment team for 9+ months where we installed/upgraded software at various Bell Atlantic sites in the NE US. Major traveling was involved as well as stays at a site for weeks at a time. Provided technical support to Bell Atlantic customer sites during the process of upgrading their switch surveillance systems. Experience installing on and loading on TANDEM Puma and StarServer machines with Lucent software and had experience speaking face to face with customers, acquiring their responses and problems with the newly installed software, starting and stopping processes and monitoring machines to report any problems.
Four HBCU libraries designated as Patent and Trademark Resource Centers Four HBCU libraries designated as Patent and Trademark Resource Centers
Four HBCU libraries are currently designated as Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRCs) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Those HBCUs include: Howard University’s Founde ...more
Posted by Reginald Culpepper on February 29th, 2024 • 1 Views
Bethune-Cookman University Kicks Off 120th Anniversary Celebrations With A $1 million Giving Campaign Bethune-Cookman University Kicks Off 120th Anniversary Celebrations With A $1 million Giving Campaign
Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) is doubling down on its vision to define new standards for academic excellence and student success. In commemoration of the university’s 120-year anniversary this yea ...more
Posted by Reginald Culpepper on February 28th, 2024 • 24 Views
Morgan State University Featured in Season 10 of The College Tour Now on Amazon Prime Video Morgan State University Featured in Season 10 of The College Tour Now on Amazon Prime Video
Morgan State University, Maryland’s largest Historically Black College and/or University and one of the nation’s fastest-growing research universities, is featured in the 10th season of The College To ...more
Posted by Reginald Culpepper on February 27th, 2024 • 25 Views
THE COLOR PURPLE: Get $5 Off Digital Download Now THE COLOR PURPLE: Get $5 Off Digital Download Now
THE COLOR PURPLE As a Black College film promotion special offer, All Members Get $5 Off The Color Purple Digital Movie Now! Members: Go to to get $5 off ...more
Posted by Reginald Culpepper on February 22nd, 2024 • 125 Views
My Groups
Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. Club
HBCU Visual Arts Club
HBCU Artist's League
HBCU Dymes
HBCU Models
Central Ohio HBCU Students & Grads
Model Material
HIV/AIDS Awarness
Ex AT&T Bell Labs & Lucent Employees
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WORSHIP WITH US Our church is located at 2747 Agler Rd., Columbus, OH 43224. Our phone number is (614) 416-8500. We are Back in Da House and currently worshipping in person at our Agler Rd. facility and online. We invite you to join us every Sunday at 10 AM for worship and every Tuesday at 7 PM for our TNT Bible Study. LIVE on either one of these platforms FaithMinistries.Church/Watch
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 09/04/2022  
Que Paso amigo
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 03/24/2022  
Hello Reggie. I am elated to be a member of HBCU Connect. I am a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana School of Architecture with a BS in Architectural Studies and a graduate of ITT Technical Institute with an AAS in Computer-Aided Drafting Technology. Although I didn't attend an HBCU, I intend to support my Black Brothas and Sistas on their journey towards achieving their goals. With that said, I know firsthand the struggles of paying fees and tuition. Even with scholarship assistance at the University of Illinois, there were things that I struggled to pay for. Now, having been in the workforce for several years, I have younger loved-ones who will hopefully be going to college someday, hopefully an HBCU, and I strive to help them avoid the pitfalls I’ve experienced. I’m am so excited to have come across an amazing means of saving for college, where, instead of saving for 15 to 18 years, I can compress my time to save down to 3 to 5 years, with a better yield! Take a look at the attached YouTube video, about 9 mins long, and then share your thoughts. Thank you!
Tagged by Terrill Eiland on 05/15/2021  
Hello. I see you are the vendor white cable knit sweaters with college insignias. How can I purchase?
Tagged by Kim Grigsby on 01/06/2021  
Happy Easter!
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 04/20/2019  
Thanks for always posting the scholarships! Very reliable and helpful.
Tagged by TIA MCDONALD on 12/17/2018  
Hello fellow member. Have a great day.
Tagged by Ralph White on 04/27/2018  
Thanks for stopping by. Please visit my new healthy site as well.
Tagged by pat barrow on 08/14/2015
Tagged by Sally Ruhiu on 06/30/2014  
I just want to say that I appreciate you for sharing this information with us. I know it hasn't been an easy route for you, especially being a military child but God has truly blessed you with a gift that you have no problem sharing. Thank you for your care and love to help us college students.
Tagged by Sharnita Lloyd on 01/11/2014  
Contact me at your earliest convenience at 562.431.8397. Don't use the service so I am hoping you do and that you get the message. Peace.
Tagged by Everett Glenn on 09/25/2013  
Reg Have a fun Birthday Month!
Tagged by Cheer Leader on 09/19/2013  
Thank you for visiting my profile. The website presentation ( ) is not directly about paying off student loans. But Take notice of the 2nd testimonial when the single mother talks about sharing this LightYear Wireless concept with her 2 daughters. IT was at that moment I decided to put together a simple spend sheet that any HBCU-CONNCTION student could use to take control of their student debt. MY basic theory using this LightYear Wireless concept was to help you & other students to do this just 1 time/wk. You will learn how to earn weekly income (so that you can just to enjoy the college life) & monthly residual income. It is the residual income that I'm trying to show you in the spread sheet on how to payoff your student loans. Please simple reply so that I can send you a FREE copy of this spend sheet. If you have any questions email me back or call @ 609-815-1958
Tagged by Gil Royster on 08/30/2012  
Hi Reggi,here "I" am again with another Reggie Help post on BIA the site...It is @Reggie RE:Your thoughts...thanks in advance for your help. (smile)
Tagged by ROBINSON IRMA on 03/12/2012  
Can anyone join the HBCU Concert Choir Group?
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 09/01/2011  
Finally! I kind of know another Phi Beta Sigma man. Most of my male friends are Kappas. Love your colors.
Tagged by Viola Dunn-Thigpen on 12/16/2010  
Thanks for the heads up! I love HBCU bands. I've been a fan of drum and bugle corps competitions but these bands could learn much from HBCU bands.
Tagged by Viola Dunn-Thigpen on 11/05/2010  
Okay, I wouldn't want to lose faith in your writing skills.
Tagged by Viola Dunn-Thigpen on 11/04/2010  
Tagged by JASMINE CLAY on 06/23/2010  
Thanks for your page visits and support. I've been working on rebuilding my brand and having people encouraging and praying definitely is helping. The new site is up: and loaded with more on how to live life well with less pain and more health and wellbeing. Always welcome your feedback.
Tagged by Vinicent Holland on 04/23/2010  
OMG...I think I may cry. I was so ready to go this year. Well, I had so much fun last year, and when you go next, I'll be the first to sign up! Thanks Reg! Have a great evening!
Tagged by Opal Mabry on 04/14/2010  
Hey Reg!!! What's up with the cruise this year?
Tagged by Opal Mabry on 04/14/2010  
What's up Frat? Good seeing a Brother doing well. May God continue to Bless you in your process. Keep on keeping on. GOMAB !!!
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 04/05/2010  
New member on site look foward to chatting with ya!
Tagged by gail hill on 04/02/2010  
Hey Reggie, Thanks for adding me as a friend and Frat Brother. Hope things are well with you. GOMAB!!
Tagged by WILLIE DYCKS on 03/15/2010  
Hi Reg!!! How are things? When will the cruise details be posted? TTYL!
Tagged by Opal Mabry on 03/08/2010  
Happy New Year to you and yours. May GOD Bless you with Great 2010!
Tagged by J SIMMONS on 01/03/2010  
How have you been MAB?
Tagged by ROBERT FRANCE on 09/29/2009  
I'm new to using the site, but so far it seems ok.
Tagged by M. Pradia on 09/22/2009  
Hi Reggie, Take a look at my homepage on BSWC: I can't get the margins to comply. Can you have someone fix them for me? Thanks Joyce
Tagged by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon on 09/12/2009  
Thank you Reginald for replying. Welcome. I look forward to knowing more. Please access the PRESS RELEASE at Have a Blessed day. In Christ. Eliza.
Tagged by Eliza Earsman on 09/12/2009  
Thanks for adding me!
Tagged by D M on 08/13/2009  
how do i do that?
Tagged by Tatiana Welch on 04/16/2009  
Thanx for the add, Mr.Culpepper, keep doing your thang!
Tagged by Shante Anderson on 04/10/2009  
Reggie, make sure you view our site we do school colors and all. God bless.
Tagged by Calvin Mann on 03/24/2009  
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