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Q&A With Tara Butler

What attracted you to visit my profile?
"You visited me so I thought I'd return the look. Alaska huh? I hear it is beautiful..."

Interviewed by JASON BAKER 07/18/08

(interview me)
Tara Butler
Location: Bryans Road, MD United States
Joined: Jan 24th, 2001
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Contracting to the FCC in SW DC
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 1996
Undergrad Major: Computer and Information Science
Claim To Fame:
Also known as "The Brain". Infamous CSC parties - yep I've still got the pics AND the videos - none of ya'll better run for office (HA) ; Hacking into J's account for her C programs (yeah I said it)
Most Memorable Moment:
Taking the C final - that's all I'm gonna say about that one; Dr. Morrell taking the radio out the lab when we all started grooving to LL's "Doing it Well"; My partna and my "idol" Tiwan - in the Colt with the Strawberry Tree air freshener; Convincing Tiwan to be my partner for Senior Sem, work on Dr. Daniel's page and graduate! Late nights in the lab, early mornings in the lab; Talking on blackplanet back in its early days; The Mint Condition concert in Ogden for only $2!!!
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Guestbook Comments
lol, well I would have to add "not every single body reads it" ;-)...what about urs? BTW, you have a killer smile ;-)
Tagged by Hugo Caicedo on 11/26/2008  
hello miss lady!!!!
Tagged by Randy Callender on 11/26/2008  
nice look ;-) how r u?
Tagged by Hugo Caicedo on 11/26/2008  
Hi Tara, I love this pic, you have such a pretty smile!:} THANKS FOR BECOMING MY FRIEND. Peace
Tagged by Bernie Brooks on 07/19/2008  
good luck in your professional career and future endeavors
Tagged by J Burns on 06/25/2008  
Somehow HBCUconnect had a issue with their system and they lost a lot of people's profile, including mine!
Tagged by Alexandria Payne-Blount on 05/06/2008  
Hey T, I see you didn't get lost in the system like I did!
Tagged by Alexandria Payne-Blount on 05/06/2008  
Yeah, it was 220, with those sugar water haters.
Tagged by NZinga Medley on 10/11/2007  
Tara, Yeah i'm still here in Hollywood 10 years and running. I like it out here where my travel time to work is about 15 mins on a bad day lol.
Tagged by Corey Williams on 08/23/2007  
Hey Tara, I just wanted to say what's up and see how you are doing. Corey
Tagged by Corey Williams on 08/22/2007  
How are things at VZ? I see ya'll are making some power moves on the WiFi front. Do you have anything to do with that?
Tagged by Marcus Moment on 06/19/2003  
Hope all is well. Just wanted to give you a shout.
Tagged by Marcus Moment on 06/17/2003  
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