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For Your Consideration In 2008...... Posted on 06-14-2007
tonia renee lee
When casting your vote in 2008, enjoy the freedom of being an American; and having the privilege of choice to vote for the candidate you want. As a Black Republican, I feel liberated. The Republican party has shown me a pathway of self-sufficiency. For many years, I was a registered Democrat, because of influence from family and friends. I was ill informed, and taught that was the party for Black people. As an intelligent Black person, that statement should be an insult. That statement alone denotes we need constant help and guidance. It's your choice! However, please visit my **** site at ****.com :: TONIA LEE's MyGOP Site. I cannot speak for the late great Honorable Malcolm X. However, if he were I alive today, I believe he would be a Republican for he believed as the Republican party does of doing for self. Please also visit my other site OOBAU Believing the best for all people,especially my own, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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th88 replied on 06-15-2007 08:21AM [Reply]
I pity the mind that thinks minorities will get the social progress we need from conservatism. The party that made "law and order" rhetoric about the innate criminality of black men and played on racial resentment. The party that deals with the politics of fear, perpetuates the myth of the American meritocracy and believes in a "colorblind" society. This isn't me endorsing the Democrats, but conservatism rooted in a racist nation can't have the answeres for those who suffer from the institution of racism. Since LBJ there have been five conservative Presidents. Within that time crime has decreased but the prison population has sky rocketed. America has the largest prison population per capita in the world and California is third. The gap between blacks and whites in several categories were narrowing and then the crack epidemic happened along with mandatory sentencing and three strikes law. There has been a push to full the Bench of SCOTUS and federal appeals courts with conservatives which is especially problematic because the courts have often been the outlet in which African American groups have gained ground in the fight for equality. Malcolm X wouldn't have been a Republican because he wouldn't have bought the lies they are selling, nor did he have an overal disdain for poor people.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-15-2007 12:36PM [Reply]
We can agree to disagree. I do believe Malcolm X would have been a Republican because he had the nerve as Republicans do to think for himself, to know for himself, and understand for himself. Being an American is the beauty of America. The freedom of choice. While I will always remain a Republican, I do believe that all American's have the right to vote for whomever they desire. Also, all Republican's are not rich. I know many personally who are not. There are many sports figures and people in the entertainment industry that are millionaires or billionaires THAT ARE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS but no one questions that. WHY? Is it a crime only to be a Republican with money, and not a wealthy liberal? Do your homework, I plan too. There are a lot more wealthy **** than one might expect. Also, it is not good to speak in absolute terms not all Republicans have a disdain for the poor and disadvantaged. That is a myth. Please cite specific names, statistics, and evidence to support your argument that all Republicans have a disdain for the poor. Because I certainly do not. It is my right as an American to be whatever I choose to be in this country. I have no intention or desire to change parties to appease Black people or any other ethnic group. The Republican party is a viable option I present as a choice. The final decision is up to each American when they enter the ballot box. However, it is my belief that in2007 it is wrong for anyone to attempt to intimidate any one because of race, gender, or creed that solely based on those characteristics, they must vote for;and belong to a particular party. Believing the best for my party of choice, the Republican party in 2008, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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th88 replied on 06-15-2007 01:30PM [Reply]
You created a nice little straw man. Matter of fact, you've chosen several. I never mentioned that being rich made you a republican, I never said you need to change parties. Matter of fact I didn't actually endorse the Democratic party. It is better for discussions if people avoid logical fallacies.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-15-2007 02:41PM [Reply]
Again, we can agree to disagree. If one reads the implications from your first posting that Malcolm X did not have a disdain for "poor" people;one might arguably conclude that all Republicans do based on your presentation. It is also my contention that no fallacies have been presented on my part, intentionally or unintetionally. My desire was merely to present a viable option and alternative, and to dare to make people think that they have a right of freedom of choice and association as Americans. I look forward to open dialogue and communication on this subject. Best Always, tonia renee lee, M.P.A., USC
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-15-2007 07:22PM [Reply]
TH88, There is the argument to be made that no one is limiting my choice. However, the lack of subjectivity and room for free choice indicates another. TOLERANCE for opposing views should be respected. That is what this country is all about. Also, I am a very independent Black Woman, and I have never allowed anyone to limit my choices in life with respect to any aspect of my life including my own family. Right or wrong, like the old Frank Sinatra song; I have always done things "MY WAY." Whatever, your choices you have that right. While it is your choice to bash, I choose to take the high road. That is also a positive trait of most Republicans. There is a viable option in 2008. The choice is up to each individual. Best to you in your endeavors, tonia renee lee,M.P.A.,USC
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th88 replied on 06-16-2007 05:28AM [Reply]
I don't think I should have to tolerate opposing views, such an absolute principle couldn't really work in practice. Anyway, if no one is limiting your choices then what exactly was the point of this? To tell people you vote republican? That's fine, I guess. As far as Republicans taking the high road I need to ask you who brought the phrase "flip flopper" into the public discourse? Was that the democrats? The party that ran the ad against Harold Ford in Tennessee, were those democrats as well? Ann Coulter, she called conservatives Godless and accused them of treason, right? Taking the high road has little to do with political affiliation and more to do with you as person. Also naming the actions of people, recalling things they've actually done isn't bashing them, it's being honest.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-16-2007 09:02AM [Reply]
TH88, I respectfully, dissent. I thought as Americans and in 2007 for those espousing true diversity we would be tolerant of other Americans and their view points. As an American you have the option if watching a television program or news program you do not like to flip the channel. Recently their was an attempt to take Rush **** off the air. Also, Larry Elder faced opposition from some within the Black community when he first took to the airwaves. While I do not agree with everything either commentator espouses. I do believe they have the right as Americans to their own opinions. I am in opposition to taking away the right of Americans to have the right to Freedom of Speech, unless it causes physical harm, threatens National Security,or starts any type of riots. Also, you as an American do not have to read my posts, if it truly offends you; view something else that makes you feel comfortable and happy on the hbcu site. That is your right as an American. My posts was intended to bring about dialogue and viable options; to make people think. Unwillingly or not knowingly, you have helped me to accomplish that goal, and for that I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you for the open, frank, and honest disscusion regarding your stance on my post. Best Always, tonia renee lee, M.P.A,USC
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th88 replied on 06-16-2007 12:22PM [Reply]
The first amendment, matter of fact all the amendments, is about government intervention into the lives of citizens. It is saying what the government can and cannot do. When private citizens try to get Rush fired that isn't infringing on his rights because they are not using the government to do so. The citizens actually have a right to protest, and often when people get fired they are so due to the company losing money and not moral outrage. I stated in my last post that I don't think people should be tolerant of all opposing views as an absolute principal because it doesn't make sense. If I, keep in mind this is an example and not how I truly feel, stated that I thought any black person that voted republican was mentally deficient and morally bankrupt I wouldn't expect you to respect or tolerate such an inflammatory position, nor should you. The point being that not all opinions are worthy of respect and I can't in good faith say otherwise. Does that mean I don't respect your views? No, I just don't agree and I hope you see the distinction.
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tonia renee lee from TORRANCE, CA replied on 06-16-2007 03:55PM [Reply]
TH88, Even as Americans, if we truly believe in our country then the right to Freedom of Speech must and should be protected. Why does the liberal leaning **** generally take the stance of protected speech? Why is it alright in this country to espouse whatever one wants if they lean in a certain direction. There appears to be a trend to go after Conservatives in particular, but other parties can espouse any idea whether it warrants merit or not, and whether or not it is supported by facts. Do you feel it was justified to fire Don Imus? Was his right to freedom of speech infringed upon? I do not have an opinion on that. I am however curious of yours since you feel it does not infringe on rights due to the fact that private citizens were reponsible for his ouster. While, you make the argument in one of your posts that we do not live in a color blind society. It is my belief that we could as Americans if we started viewing ourselves as "Americans" first and foremost. Also, I will always as an American respect diverging points of view and tolerate them;because at the end of the day; I do not have to dignify inflammatory remarks with a response. If we truly believe in the right of assembly and protest provided by the First Amendment which **** in the prevention of government intervention as you contend, then as Americans we should embrace and respect all of the amendments. Do we only recognize those that allow us to have our way? Arguably, the Amendments provide for freedom and protection which makes us differ from being a Communist state. Do we really want to end up as many countries with a system in place with a dictatorship? I think not, but that is where some are trying to head us. The FCC has rules in place for those on the air, but some are trying to change that as well with something called the "fairness doctrine." I plan to conduct more more research on this doctrine and get back to you. Also, I'm curious, if you say something that is not politically correct at your place of employment; do you feel your employer should have the right and duty to fire you on the spot because it offended someone? Your co-workers would be acting as private citizens, should they be entitled to have that much leverage and power as "private" citizens to take away your livelihood? What lengths are we willing to go to appease certain parties and interest groups? What would you do if you were fired on the spot like Mr. Imus? Something to consider.... Best Always, Tonia Renee Lee, M.P.A.,USC
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