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**** Reparations Posted on 05-16-2009
60620, IL
The arguments against reparations are pretty weak. One of the is Blacks sold other Blacks into slavery well In 1720, King Agaja Trudo of Dahomey not only opposed the trade, but even went as far as to attack the forts that the European powers had constructed on the coast. Other African leaders such as Donna Beatriz Kimpa Vita in Kongo and Abd al-Qadir, in what is now northern Senegal, also urged resistance against the forced export of Africans. Queen Nzinga went as far as fighting Europeans when Europeans dare suggested she sell some of her citizens into slavery. Additionally, Blacks selling other Blacks into slavery is a valid argument for reparations. Europeans gave these Africans gold, silver, salt, silk and other goods in exchange for slaves. Shortly after the "scramble for Africa began and Europeans took all of these goods back when they colonized Africa. The Europeans built the wealth of their nations from slaves & the wealth that Africans accumulated from slaves went right back into the hands of Europeans. So the Blacks who sold other Blacks into slavery should not be punished because they already have it. While I acknowledge no one alive is morally responsibility for slavery however slavery has left economic and social disparities between Blacks and Whites and the only solution to fixing these disparities is reparations. Many businesses that are around today (such as Chase Bank) benefited greatly off the **** trade and that wealth was passed from one generations to the next. Only a fool in denial would say the actions of whites in the past have no effect on the current conditions of Blacks today. Since slaves were not paid no wealth was passed from one generations to the next and whites had a huge head start. In fact 80 percent of black kids begin their adult lives with no assets and the net worth for Whites 6 Times Higher Than Blacks.There are programs such as Affirmative Action that benefit Black children but, according to statistics Affirmative Action benefits White Women followed by Asians the most. There is welfare but several Blacks who are the descendants of slaves have never been on welfare and there is some Whites are not the descendants of slaves who are on welfare. The other argument is that reparations should be a ticket back to Africa. All of these Black people have a say here we have helped to build this country. A one way ticket back to Africa is not sufficient for reparations because a **** probally made that one way ticket back to Africa over 50 times in his life time. Reparations are currently being discussed with the Japanese and the Jews have received billions of dollars in reparations and a nation of their own. The Jews get 21 million a year just for operating expenses from the government of America. Your holocaust took place in Germany thousands of miles from America. But no museum no memorial not 200 million not 21 million not even one thousand not even a dollar has been set aside so that we may set up a museum or memorial for all of our ancestors who suffered an untimely death
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