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Merridian Quads (did I spell it right?) Posted on 06-15-2007

Anyone who is an upper classmen at Howard, please inform me about the Merridian dorms! I am exxxtra late on turning in my housing info., and the people I talked to in the housing department told me it is "extremely possible" to get housing, and that if I did it would be in the Merridian dorms which are Co-Ed. Being a freshman, knowing that ****'s (dudes) are gonna look at me as "fresh meat" and all that other bull, is there anything ya'll can warn me about before I get there? Anyone who has lived there before?
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 06-15-2007 01:34PM [Reply]

K, I believe I am understanding you correctly, you just may have the wording a bit jumbled. The Tubman Quadrangle is an all girls freshman dorm that has 5 buildings within it (Wheatley Hall, Baldwin Hall, Frazier Hall, Truth Hall, and Crandall Hall). It's called "the quad" because all of the buildings kind of connect and from a square (more like a rectangle tho). The dorm that the person in residence life was referring to you is called Meridian Hill Hall (most just call it Meridian). It's a bit of a distance away, so students take a shuttle to get to and from campus. Yes, it is co-ed, but I doubt you'll have to worry about the "fresh meat" problem. There will be other freshmen there (guys as well as girls), so you won't be alone. Yeah, guys will more than likely flirt with you, but you could get the same thing anywhere else on campus. I didn't stay in Meridian, and becuz of the distance, I really didn't visit too much either lol. So I can't tell ya too much about the rooms/bathrooms. However, all of the people that I know who stayed there enjoyed it alot. It's in a nice neighborhood, and since it's like it's only lil community away from HU, the folks who stay there all usually know each other and are sociable. So because of that, it's known to kinda be a "party dorm". But like I always say "college is what you make it". My recommendation is just try not to get caught up in the social aspect at Meridian. Have your fun, but also make sure you figure out how to balance your time. The "co-ed" thing won't be a problem as long as you don't let it. Just be smart. Oh, and i'd also recommend that you get reaaal familiar with that shuttle schedule once you get here. It's gonna come in handy for classes lol Here's a small lil glance/mini tour of what it looks like... Meridian Hill Hall - Howard University: Residence Halls, Campus Virtual Tour
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