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Do I have a chance?...(Please Read) Posted on 11-23-2007

Um...ok. I'm a sophmore in high school and I'm most definitely not the perfect student. My freshman year my GPA was a .68 ...(Yeah, please don't clown...I already feel bad enough about it) with no extra curricular activities, and no AP classes. I was too busy having fun, that I didn't think about what the results would be and how I would have to pay for it later. But this year I'm really trying hard ... My GPA is a 3.1 and I'm in Choir. My first choice of college is Howard University, but I'm scared I've already ruined my chances.. Fortunately, I do VERY well on standardized testing. (Perfect scores on the ITBS's and ITED's in almost every section) So do you guys think I'll get in of I get a perfect score on the ACT/SAT, join a few more clubs, try to get my GPA up to a 3.5 for the rest of this year and the rest of my High School career? I want to major in Psychology and minor French. Please reply to this I need answers ASAP. I need to know if I have a chance so I can start bustin' my ass in school now. Or if I don't have a chance so I can just say "F*** it". The best way to reach me is through email. [EMAIL="SincerelyKerri@yahoo.com"]SincerelyKerri@yahoo.com[/EMAIL] ...I'm new to this site, by the way...!! Hi everybody!
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iRep504 replied on 11-25-2007 08:22PM [Reply]
It's really is admirable that you have made a complete 180 and focused more on your school. Well I suggest that you do use your standardized test scores for some leverage. But I would definitely not say "eff it" you have made that change and most colleges offer students a chance to explain why you didn't do so well in your earlier high school years..I say GO FOR IT!
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