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What About Your Friends? Posted on 12-06-2007
C Nels

Ladies, we all know that more of ya'll are going to college than the fellas. With that said, what are your guy friends doing with their lives after high school? Fellas, ya'll can respond too. What are your homeboys going to do after graduation while you're off running the yard? For those of you who are already in/already went to school, what did your guy friends do?
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ecepeda from Hialeah, FL replied on 12-06-2007 03:09PM [Reply]

I just saw one of my classmates at a corner store with a cup in his hand. And he wasn't drinking from it.
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TSUblueTiger replied on 12-06-2007 03:12PM [Reply]
Most of my friends went to college after high school. If they did not attend college, they went to the military or started a business. I think its important to attend college for academic and social reasons. However, if you decide not to attend college, I would recommend becoming an entrepreneur or investor.
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KaliBabi replied on 01-02-2008 08:03PM [Reply]
Most of my guy friends joined the army over going to college, only because they got girls pregnant while still in high school. They needed a way to provide for their children, which is cool. Most of them are in school now tho.
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Jamaican Shawty replied on 01-02-2008 10:18PM [Reply]
Most of my guy friends are in community college taking remidial courses and wasting time while others are taking it seriously......others are selling recreational medicine....few are in the army.....others in they mama house doing nothing productive.
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replied on 01-03-2008 04:18AM [Reply]
Two of my male friends are in college, one at Morehouse, the other at a college here in NYC. But the one that did it in NYC did it because he had nothing better to do...go figure.
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Phylicia215 replied on 01-03-2008 04:36PM [Reply]
Most of my males friends are in college now that I think of it. Some of them arent going becuase they dont really like school though, but most of my male friends are older so most of them are still in school.
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C Nels replied on 01-04-2008 08:13AM [Reply]
To answer my own question... Some of my folk went straight into the military. Some stayed home for that "good job". Some just stayed home. Then there were those that went to school, 3 of them even went to Claflin with me BUT unfortunately I was the only one that made it to graduation. Two of them are back home, one went back to "a good job" so he could take care of his child. The other is a musician, piano/keyboard/organ. The last one decided during the middle of his first semester....in the middle of the week, that school wasn't for him. :o Packed up his room, went home and joined the military. We were chillin in his room one night and he said "I'm going home" we shrugged it off until he was all packed up the next day and said he was out!
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space wizard from dublin, GA replied on 01-14-2008 10:52AM [Reply]
most of my friend b.s.ing smoke weed everyday **** and sell dope tryn to be a rappa or something most got kids so they f in the game
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ecepeda from Hialeah, FL replied on 01-14-2008 11:12AM [Reply]

One of them became an NFL star! I think he plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers now. Najeh Davenport. Nice guy.
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