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Honk Your Horn Support Barack Obama 2008. GET THE WORD OUT! Posted on 01-31-2008
gates, NC
Support Obama Day (February 4, 2008) Honk Your Horn Support Obama 2008 On February 4, 2008! The People of the United States, can show the world just how “United We Are” by Honking There Horns at the same time all over the Country. The Times is set as followed. East standard time (EST) at 12:00 Noon, Central Standard time (CST) at 11:00am, Mountain Standard Time (MST) at 10:00am, Pacific Standard Time (PST) at 9:00am. In Support of Barack Obama for President. We Can Change! We are less than one week away, to show the world that we can stand united here in the United State of America. Be sure to blow your horn on February 4, 2008 in your respective time zone. Even if your not driving in a vehicle, your voice can still be heard. You can pass on the information to others. You can make calls. Just get the word out, join http://my.barackobama.com Show America that you have the power to create change. Remember Super Tuesday is February 5, 2008. So encourage everyone you know to remember to vote as well as Honk there Horns on Monday, Obama Day February 4, 2008 Change has started every since this young man has entered into politics. No matter who you are or what your beliefs may be you still can feel the change and the direction our country is taking. Barack Obama is the best Representative for the land we call America. This great nation needs an impartial person who can see the issues our great nation faces without division. This has been the downfall of our country from Day one. We need someone who stands for the equality of all people. Barack Obama brings us the hope that one day we can achieve peace and equality in our great nation, The United States Of America and lead the world by setting the example of being united. Barack Obama is trying to unite these broken United States. There is only one candidate in the race for the presidency, who was made for uniting America. This is Barack Obama! Listening to his inspirational speeches and reading about his multi-cultured upbringing makes me feel any person raised with such social and cultural differences so close to home would make a proper president for this melting pot we call the United States Of America. He stands for Unity and Equality for all, From Sea to Shining Sea. So it only seems fit for all of us in this great nation who want the same to pull together and share our gratitude for the work and risks he faces daily during his campaign for presidency. Honk for Obama, Honk for Unity
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Home > Forums > General Discussions > Tha Yard > Archives > Politics
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