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hey ladies Posted on 06-19-2004

wuz up this is quan, i am looking for a friend or a friend with benefits. if you are interested i got that magic stick. preferably between 120 and 165 lb and nice **** but i am not picky. i'm in the va area, i used to go to hampton but not anymore. if any takers holla at ya boy.
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HamptonSweetie from Springfield, VA replied on 06-19-2004 09:23AM [Reply]

im in the VA area and i will be going to hampton but.... i think ill pass on this one but there are others who might jump to the offer
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replied on 06-19-2004 09:30AM [Reply]
its all good ma by the way if you have a man its ok, we can keep it on the dl. i'm just looking for a friend that will let me smash every now and then and we can chill also. holla at ya boy
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HamptonSweetie from Springfield, VA replied on 06-19-2004 09:46AM [Reply]

on the DL...no lol @ let me SMASH...aint hear that in a good minute *cough* whos next in line
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replied on 06-19-2004 12:00PM [Reply]
LOL....this nygga wilin....talkin about on the DL....and let u smash er' once and a while.......GET A FUKKIN LIFE....*smh* nyggas advertising on HBCU....whats the world comin to :roll: .......
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replied on 06-19-2004 01:00PM [Reply]
Do I smell another free post about to happen? :twisted:
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NeoSoulBrotha from Rosedale, MD replied on 06-19-2004 01:10PM [Reply]

This calls for a
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Soundcheck 1898 replied on 06-19-2004 01:18PM [Reply]
:lol: @this post... i hope this cat joking... FREEPOST
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AggieSweetie07 replied on 06-19-2004 01:47PM [Reply]
free post
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Spelmanlady08 replied on 06-19-2004 01:55PM [Reply]
This boy continuously gets his topics free posted; it's hilarious :lol:
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