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First Family Code Names Posted on 11-11-2008
C Nels

The Secret Service takes a lot of risks for the first family. So it's only fair that the agency gets the honor of coming up with code names for the president-elect and his family. Various sources within the Buzz recently revealed the not-so-secret nicknames. Mr. Obama will be known as "Renegade" (move over, Lorenzo Lamas). Michelle, a woman of many talents, will be referred to as "Renaissance." Malia Obama's name will be "Radiance," while little sister Sasha's will be "Rosebud." And what of the Bidens? We were hoping the Secret Service would stick to the "R" theme and dub Joe "Rogaine." Alas, his name will be "Celtic." His wife Jill will be "Capri." A bit boring, but hey, nobody asked us for our opinion. Too bad, because while we don't have the power to assign nicknames to the world's most powerful family, we can dig up the most popular nicknames in Search. Here they are below for your enjoyment. And if you have your own ideas for code names for the future first family, chime in below. Buzz Log, over and out. Story seen at...Yahoo! Buzz
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SixthAngel from Georgetown, SC replied on 11-15-2008 01:59AM [Reply]

It's a shame. It's as if they deliberately post these things because they know that his security is extra tight. I'm not afraid, though. I don't think he is either, and I wouldn't be, but his children and wife need to be protected.
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