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Square Your Clubface For Consistency Posted on 11-16-2010

Golfers are always looking for golf swing consistency, and the main focus should be a square golf clubface  at impact. Discount Golf Prices is the moment of truth. If your clubface is not square to the target line, the ball will go offline, most likely with sidespin creating missed fairways and ballooned scores.

The golf Titleist AP2 happens in less than 2 seconds, but you can train yourself to have an idea of where your clubface is at all times.

Golf Tip

Make slow motion golf swings in a mirror. Get a face on view and a down the line view. Do this slow enough to be able to see where your clubface is throughout your golf swing. It will be an eye-opener for you.

If you can't get a Callaway X-24 Hot Irons clubface at impact with a slow motion Burner Super Launch Irons, you will never get one at full speed.

Address Golf Tip

This one happened to me, and I am a 7 handicap golfer having studied the golf swing. My clubface was OPEN at address! Yes...I was shocked to say the least! I had been fight a thin, toe shot, that went weak and to the right. My golf pro modified my grip and squared up my face at address and INSTANTLY I was hitting the center of my clubface with solid compression and balls that flew straight down the fairway!

So next time you go to the range, the FIRST thing you should do is make absolute sure your Golf iron set is square to your target line before you make your golf swing.

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