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TRANSFERRING TO HU Posted on 07-15-2012

Can someone give me any information on hamptons business program and computer information systems and how does it ranked compared to other universities such as VCU,NSU,ODU. Any information is welcomed such as classes teachers, internships etc. Just want to gather as much info as possible.

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DonDada from Blacklick, OH replied on 07-16-2012 12:12AM [Reply]

The computer science program was strong when I was at Hampton.  Good choice in schools.  Because I chose hampton, it changed my life.  I worked hard as a student and received a full scholarship because of connections that the department had... Got me internships, a job and I'm grateful for life.  Find out which schools are accredited and which one you think you would do best in.    I'm not as familiar with the business school, but I remember speaking to the department head about getting my mba there, and he discouraged me from doing it.   I forgot the exact reason, but to me, it seemed he did not believe in the business school program.
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NMS90 from NORFOLK, VA replied on 07-16-2012 02:07AM [Reply]

I looked into accreditation of HU business programs and it was not accredited by the AACSB, while vcu, odu, and nsu are. There computer science program is accredited by the ABET, but it does specially say if there  CIS program is or not. Also for the exact same reason as yours is why i would love to attend HU because i feel it  will mold me into  young black men with great knowledge and understanding of the  professorial world. 

Only discouraging thing is that there business program is not accredited and i plan on transferring with a degree in business administration. I looked into there CIS program and only 45 to 50 will only transfer compared to the 62 in business.

 I wish people would post more then  create threads but Thank you for the reply  and info given.
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