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THE TIME TO BE GHETTO?? Posted on 06-30-2004

WHEN first coming to howard, some students are or choose to be a bit well...distinguished...but soon my lil chickens lol..you will learn at howard that it is "survival of the fittest" and sometimes you will have to be forced to be ghetto...so HU peeps, when was the times you have had to shed "im a college student damnit" and had to go "ghetto" in those hard times...me... 1--getting to the shower, forgetting my towel, getiing in the shower, realizing i have no towel when i get out, and making a MAD sprint to my dorm room with only a lil square of washcloth attempting to cover me up, thankgod IT WAS EARLY 2--walking in snow for the first time, slipping, and immediately making snow angels to pretend i wanted to play in the snow lol 3--running from point a to point b to point c to point a to point c to point b just to get validated :roll: 4--stealing eggs from yoda woman at the cafe if she's on a small break.... 5--convincing and hustling people to let chou in the cafe before the gate closes :lol: 6--trying to swap ramen noodles and cereal for a burned mix cd :? 7--being too cheap to buy a damn book so you try to read and study "together" from the book of a "friend" in the class 8--telling people youll vote for them in elections just so you can get some lollipops and other possible treats....times were hard :cry:
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replied on 06-30-2004 07:34PM [Reply]
****... u got the nail on the head :lol:
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 07-01-2004 08:07AM [Reply]

dang, i can cosign on alot of those. A few of my ghetto moments were... :arrow: wrappin up pork chops, chicken, and whatever else i could my hands on in the cafe, to take back to my dorm. :arrow: goin to class lookin like a bum anytime before 10 am :arrow: bein too cheap to use my own printer ink. So i would write a paper, email it to myself, then print it out in the ilab...or my roomate's printer when she wasn't in (Shame on u Kenya! *slaps my hand* ). :arrow: keepin braids in longer than i should, just cuz i'm too lazy and too BROKE to do anything else with my hair. :arrow: gettin friends to sneak me out a patty melt when i was too lazy to go to the cafe. :arrow: Being willing to stand in the omelet line for a century cuz Mr. Melvin is the only one that can hook it up :arrow: gettin hype over "soulfood thursday", knowin good and well it's the sorriest excuse of soul food in the world...it's just better than the usual weekly crap. :arrow: Gettin upperclassmen homiez to pay for my stuff with their dining dollars in The Punchout. :arrow: waitin until the wee hours of the morning (3,4,5 am) to take a shower, cuz that's the only time i can take my time in one of the TWO showers that actually worked.
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replied on 07-02-2004 02:13AM [Reply]
-bringing my own cereal to the cafe. -rocking my freshman class of 2006 bookbag deep into my sophomore year cause I couldnt afford a new one. -bringing home pasteries from my job (starbucks) and selling them to my suitemates. -flirting with the NASTY guy that works in the liquor store in front of Carver (the one with the beer caps in his dread locks) so that me and my girl could get the underage hookup on some drank. Times is hard man.
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