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Boycott BET Campaign Posted on 12-12-2004

As many of you probably all know, BET does not give an accurate and clear representation of African Americans. The other day I was watching BET and there was a show entitled "Where I Stay At" :roll: "Where I Stay At"--that mess is ridiculous! BET is becoming more and more of a disappointment to African Americans. I dont know how many remember the Boycott BET Campaign they had going on here at Howard but I'm thinking of starting it back up. My question is would you guys participate? How should I go about doing it? Where would I begin and how would I get people to help out?
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 12-14-2004 04:46AM [Reply]

I would definately participate. I don't watch BET much anyway. I get sick of seeing the same videos day in and out. And when i do see them, it's just a disappointment with all of the half **** women and materialistic values. There is nothing of substance on. Even the news sometimes with Jackie Reid is sub par. One of my dreams is to buy BET back. Ha, it's probably irrational, but i swear...if the good Lord blesses me...i'm making it happen. I'm not sure if i recall correctly, but was the last one just for Uncut or for BET as a whole? Well either way, if u want to start it back up, i think it would be more beneficial for you to find some of the people who started or participated in the last boycott. Networking might help u get a bigger support base. Start telling more and more people about it, spark up a little interest, and maybe even have some open forums in blackburn to arouse some discussion about it. And for whatever u do on HU's campus, the golden rule is to publicize...publicize...PUBLICIZE
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theTRUTH replied on 12-16-2004 12:07AM [Reply]
Thanks, I appreciate your input...anyone else care to share their ideas?
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Sarconik replied on 12-16-2004 11:36AM [Reply]
theTRUTH, i think that your opposition towards BET is valid enough to organize a boycott against the network. Be mindful that there is a lot of collective thinking at HU and that most tend to follow suit with trends, styles, ideologies, thought, perception, etc. Make sure you plan effectively the UNCUT FOR BET protest was very short-lived and if you plan to make this happen then you really need to PLAN, PLAN PLAN. And make sure you know why you are protesting and what you are protesting about meaning you need to do further research on BET. When you approach people or address this issue to people of whom yo uwant to ORGANIZE with you, you really need to know exactly what the problem is and how to fix the problem. I personally think that BET has undergone serious changes since the VIACOM takeover but hey, that's my opinion. But with all this said, you need to plan effectively, organiize, and network with people who have like minds as well as people who may not have the same views as you do. It will help you devellop even more strategies to improve this issue. Hope this helps you if anything. Peace
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theTRUTH replied on 12-16-2004 03:18PM [Reply]
Sarconik wrote:
I personally think that BET has undergone serious changes since the VIACOM takeover but hey, that's my opinion.
Thanks for your input...but what changes are you referring to exactly? Were these changes positive or negative?
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Sarconik replied on 12-16-2004 05:26PM [Reply]
To boycott is to abstain from or act together in abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with as an expression of protest or disfavor or as a means of coercion.. So I dont know if you should use the word boycott if you don't plan on taking any aggressive action. If you say that you are going to do this, then you HAVE to do it and not talk about it. BET has undergone drastic changes before 2000, the year of Viacom takeover. Trends in the music industry has largely affected BET programming. For instance, our generation of younger artists has poluted the mission of hip-hop, rap, and r&b by glorifying irrational and unacceptable behavior in their music videos.. Of course, we can use the argument of it being used in the 80's and 90's as well, but you also have to think about the target audience of those vidoos as opposed to today. Kids have easier accessibility to this stuff now. Basically, it seems as though the music videos on BET overshadows most of the TV programs they have on there now versus the TV programs of the late 80s early 90s. When BET was first created, its mission was to reflect the true perspectives of Black people WORLDWIDE. It seems as though in the past, BET kept trying to diversify, grow, and develop. Now it seems to be narrowing, dying, and becoming weaker. I mean, LOOK AT THE SHOWS NOW! I remember watching Teen Summit, BLack Agenda 2000, Inside Studio A, Personal Diary, On Stage, and Our Voices, all of which provided educational resources. Let's not forget Good Times, Whats Happening, Roc, and Frank's Place. Shows like these provided us with reflection of Black life and African American interests. It had options, vaiety, education, enetertainment, talent, love, and power. It seems as thought it is all fading away as generations shange. Now we see Coomic View, Where I Stay At, Bet UNCUT, music videos, comedy, negative this negative that. What is the real source of all this negativity? Is it BET's fault? Is it Robert Johnson, creator of BET, fault? Or is it the entertainment industry fault? Quwariona likw these really need to be answered, revised, and devloped in order to effectively "boycott" or protest this network. Changes in the socio-cultural environment needs to be examined and analyzed becuase I think it has a LOT to do with conntemporary BET programming. Email me if you have questions on my insight. JONC4384@YAHOO.COM
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 12-18-2004 03:47AM [Reply]

hmmm...i definately see what u are saying. I guess that's when the question is asked, "Is the media a reflection of society or is society a reflection of the media?", "Is the material on BET simply feeding the masses interest, or is the material influencing their interest?" That could be debated. But either way, i think if u find a solid base of people who are displeased, u may be able to go somewhere with this. I think it's going to take more than just a few HU students to make some kind of dent tho. If possible, i think u should look into contacting other HBCUs, and even a few African American concentrated organizations on the campus of PWIs. The bigger the support system, the bigger the impact. I totally agree with Sarconik tho. It's going to take A LOT of planning if u want to see this thing be successful
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Sarconik replied on 12-19-2004 01:24AM [Reply]
i personally think that if you were able to make this work and really push BET to the limits into modifying their programming, this would be the first step in changing entertainment for Blacks as a whole. No one really has confidence in their voice anymore which is why they back down from actually doing something. It would be nice if Communication majors from HBCUs united, developed a conference, and discussed this issue collectively to form a coalition for change in the media....White schools do it all the time why can't HBCU's? Just another thought I have.
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 12-19-2004 04:15AM [Reply]

wow, a hbcu media coalition. As a r/tv/f major i must say that i really like that one. Uh oh...i think u might be on to something
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NeoSoulBrotha from Rosedale, MD replied on 04-13-2007 06:21PM [Reply]

This is back again?? I agree. It is not enough to boycott BET. Most people that have an issue with its programming don't watch it regularly anyways, and a slight drop in viewership probably won't impact Viacom too much. The bigger question is "what will replace it?" Are we supporting positive programs and entertainment? Do we support alternative artists, and are we buying their CDs and going to their performances? When we do, the demand will be there, and the industry will follow. In the meantime, go see a play or a concert for someone you do support - it'll make much more of a difference. www.baltimorerenaissance.org
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