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They Just Pay the Cost Posted on 01-26-2005

she was a cute girl small waist and her big thighs 14 years old her walk could make a grown man cry she aint have nothin to live for her mammy aint think she was enough to adore instead she told her she might as well die cause she aint have nothing to live for she fell in love with this fine and slick cat and they all called him scat scat brown coolest cat in town she thought she could trust him and he took her on a ride thinking he was someone to which she could confide she quietly stayed by his side sometimes cringing at his touch she thought she loved him and she would live happily ever after instead he drank a little to much and they argued a little to much and they found her little body tangled and near shreds now **** she left nothing for us to use but our heads embrace the young and talented and embrace the young and lost they didnt ask to be born they just pay the cost
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 01-26-2005 11:21AM [Reply]

Thats deep ma...keep it up
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SweetChocolateLady replied on 02-03-2005 08:52PM [Reply]
This is stimulating
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