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New Purpose Posted on 01-31-2005
Texas City, TX
"NO." A loud crack that sounded like the earth splitting filled the air, and the skies opened up. Clouds dissipated into nothing and darkness covered the earth, covering every inch of ground. The stars seemed to be closer, as if the universe shrunk somehow, and then came the strangest, most spectacular thing. People had their souls instantaneously removed from their bodies and, in a vertical flash of light, sent into the far reaches of the universe, too far to be measured or contemplated in human thought. Some were subject to the gravity of the center of the earth and were, thus, pulled by their heads to the hot fiery magma to be forever consumed. Two thousand were left. Clouds recovered the planet, and everything seemed to even out. Craters of holes left from those sent to Hell were everywhere, moreso than the empty, lifeless bodies that lay in the streets. A woman in the desert took off her shawl and dropped to her knees, screaming. Suddenly she was silenced, and those who were left all fell to their knees. "THERE IS A PURPOSE HERE FOR YOU, GREATER THAN ANYTHING YOU COULD HAVE POSSIBLY IMAGINED IN A MILLION LIFETIMES. I AM GIVING YOU THE CHANCE TO HAVE POWER BEYOND POWER." Blood filled everyones mouth, spilled from their ears and nostrils as they choked on the salty substance. Covered in fire, they felt no pain but were only caught in wonder. The flames ceased and the blood stopped flowing. People coughed, or swallowed, the rest of the liquid and tried to stand. Thunder resounded, and they were brought again to the ground. "THE BLOOD THAT RUNS THROUGH YOU IS MY OWN. ALL WILL SPEAK ONE TONGUE." "THE QUESTIONS THAT ROAM THROUGH YOUR MIND ARE VALID AND POINTLESS. YOUR NEW PURPOSE IS TO BE THE ONLY ONE LEFT ON THIS EARTH, THAT I MIGHT SPEAK TO YOU ONE OF TWO KNOWLEDGES. EITHER ONE MAY KNOW THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE, OR ASK ME THE THREE QUESTIONS: 1. WHO I AM 2. WHERE IM FROM 3. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" "YES, I COMMAND YOU TO ASSIMILATE YOUR FELLOW MAN, BUT THE RULE SHALL BE THAT ONE MAY **** ONE AS THE SUN ALLOWS. WHOMEVER YOU **** WILL BE ONE WITH YOU, SO THAT ALL OF YOU MAY KNOW THE ANSWERS. TWO THOUSAND. ONE THOUSAND. FIVE HUNDRED. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE. WHEN THIS NUMBER COMES, ONE MAY PROVE DIFFICULT TO ASSIMILATE THAT WHICH IS NOT THERE. ONE MAY **** TWO. SIXTY TWO. THIRTY ONE. ONE MAY **** TWO. THIRTY. FIFTEEN. ONE MAY **** TWO. SEVEN. ONE MAY **** TWO. SIX." "ON THE DAWN OF THE SIX, THREE WILL FIGHT THREE. THE ONE THAT IS LEFT WILL CHOOSE, OF THE TWO, WHICH SHALL HOLD THEIR SOUL. AND WHO IS LEFT SHALL BE OF THE KNOWLEDGE." "I HAVE LEFT AMONG YOU SINNERS AND SAINTS, WARRIORS AND THEIVES, ANGELS AND DEVILS. PROVE YOURSELVES WORTHY TO KNOW." And with that, no more was heard. (Next Post: Chapter 1, Part Two: Bel meets Esco)
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replied on 01-31-2005 05:19PM [Reply]
One word: :arrow: Wow.
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 01-31-2005 07:29PM [Reply]

Who that was deep I like that
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