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Anyone going to Clark? Posted on 06-21-2005
J aDoRe DiOR

If you're attending CAU in the fall...hit me up AIM- J amore Couture or J adore Platinum
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replied on 06-22-2005 09:56PM [Reply]
wats good i'll be attendin clark in da fall also. wat dorm u stayin in, did u receive ur dorm package and class schedule already.
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J aDoRe DiOR replied on 06-22-2005 10:20PM [Reply]
I just recently mailed my deposit, all I received was a confirmation email on what to bring for orientation...hopefully I get the stuff by the end of the week.
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replied on 06-23-2005 01:30AM [Reply]
Heeey!!! Im going to CAU too.... *YaH* Im staying in Phieffer HaLL (So cOmE vIsIt mE wHeN wE gEt ThErE!) ..... I forgot my room #, its one hundred something though LoL Im gOiNg tO thE JuLy 13th-15th oRiEnTaTiOn ~iM sO eXcItEd! =) OoOoOo I got my schedule too: Pre Cal, College Comp, 1st yr Business Seminar, Fundamentals of Speech, Culture & Society, Info Technology & Computer applications ..........Thats all i think!!! wHaTs YaLL sChEdUlE???? WeLL YaLL I M me On AIm @ BoBoTaRiAcHeErZ sO wE cAN cHaT iT uP!! *:* Im always online cuz its sooo boring so dont be scared to I M me because im SUPER DUPER NICE *:* ***J Adore Dior, I added you to my buddy list so hopefully I will get to talk to you sOOn***
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replied on 06-26-2005 03:50AM [Reply]
was da deal. this ya jerzy papi dre. already kno im goin 2 cau brawley room 209 im gettin copies of my room key made lol. was good j mama. you miss me ? i juss came home from FL. how you find out ya schedule golden ?
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choklatethighz05 replied on 06-26-2005 01:18PM [Reply]
Whatz Good I'll be attending clark ... I'll stayin in holmes .... Imma show em how jerzee do things lol ... I got my schedule too I'm happy wit my schedule .... Who's going be attending the july 13-15 orientation?
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J aDoRe DiOR replied on 06-26-2005 02:08PM [Reply]
hm..is all I have to say to you dre!
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replied on 06-26-2005 11:28PM [Reply]
Dre, I found out my schedule because they sent it to me in the mail. You can figure out your schedule at bannerweb too. Step 1: Click on student services and financial aid Step 2: Click on registration Step 3: Click on student detail schedule Step 4: Select the Fall 2005 term aNd iT sHouLd Be TheRe =) Here are my classes: MWF Info. Technology & Comp. Applications 10:00-10:50am MWF College Composition I 11:00-11:50am MWF Pre Calculus I 1:00-1:50pm TR Fundamentals of Speech 9:25-10:40am TR Culture & Society 12:15-1:30pm R 1st Yr Sem (Business) 10:50-12:05pm Whats yall schedule?...MaYbE wE gOt SoMe cLaSSEs ToGeThEr **PoRtIa Im gOiNg to the July 13th-15th orientation, but you already know that haha*
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replied on 07-18-2005 02:07PM [Reply]
sry so late whit my schedule i been travelin n chillin with the fam b4 i leavve out 4 good. if any 1 still cares lol my classes are mwf's ;fundamentals of speech,algebra 1,college composition t&thurs;semester,intro to computers,info technology&pc apps
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replied on 07-24-2005 09:16PM [Reply]
congrats to all the people going to CAU. To any ladies who are staying in Pfieffer...congrats! I'm one of the coaches for the step team so you'll be seeing me in the very near future.
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