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Homecoming Recap... Posted on 10-23-2005

Well, ladies and gentlemen... for those of you that were able to experience another outstanding HU homecoming, congratulations... Now that the week is over, what do you think was the best part of it? (ooh.. and also, how do you feel about the outcome of the step show?)
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replied on 10-23-2005 11:21PM [Reply]
Fukk dat. I wanna know why I spent $40 for 30 minutes in a club!!
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BmoreBabigyrl replied on 10-26-2005 10:29PM [Reply]
YARDFEST was hype.......ion know if yall saw me runnin in front of the stage for errrbody but I had fun. there was DRAMA w/ campus police but all in all it was good. The artists were cool and the crowd was hype (at least when I was takin pics of them) I only came to half of the R&B concert cuz I was working Yardfest... I got some hot pics of Common. (THIS FRIDAY FREE CONCERT) I had fun at the parade cuz I was like right with Method man & Larenz Tate. Those kids are WILD....going crazy over Larenz Tate...I had to regulate on some of them. Tyson Beckford had jokes about my hair (which was going through some things due to the rain) but thats okay cuz I DOWNED that popeyes chicken while he was eatin a box lunch...lol I mean... I had alotta fun during homecoming, lost alotta sleep, but had alotta fun!
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replied on 10-27-2005 01:16AM [Reply]
Reggae Concert was so on point
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 10-28-2005 03:26PM [Reply]

Gospel Concert i have to say was my favorite homecoming event. HGC was **** as usual and even tho i've seen R.E.A.L several times, they were good as well. And Mary Mary was simply beautiful. They tore it up & i liked how even tho it was packed and sold out (first time in a minute for the gospel show), they still managed to give it an intim. Not to mention they are from Inglewood...so ummm...nuff said Poetry concert was good. Some of the poetry was a lil redundant, nevertheless, i still enjoyed it. Gotta say that i actually enjoyed some of own HU poets more than i enjoyed the Def Jam ones. Still a good event tho. Yardfest was ummm...cold :-( . But yeah, i thought it was a good line-up of artist for it to be a non-paid event. Funny that every 5 mins they kept sayin Young Jeezy was about to come out next, when clearly the negro didn't get there until sun down. Needless to say i missed cuz a sistah wasn't tryna get frost bite for a rapper R&B concert was off the chain. It wasn't that huge of a turn out compared to former years, but Floetry was good and Common just blew the spot up. It was a lil slow at first, cuz it took awhile for folkz to get into Floetry (i think Floetry got a lil offended by that too...oh well), but after they got into some familiar songs, folkz were hyped. Martha can sang her **** off. And as for my husband Common *sigh*....no wordz. I thought the stepshow was cool. The MCs were ummm...not the best. I'm a firm believer that just becuz someone is well known, doesn't mean that they are good for everything. Mya literally looked lost up there :???: . As for the outcome...um...believe it or not, i'm actually pleased with it :-)
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