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Welcome To "The Hamptons" Posted on 06-08-2004
C Diddy

All new Hampton folks to the board sign in here. State Your :arrow: Name :arrow: Where You're From :arrow: Graduation Year :arrow: Anything else you want us to know ~Happy Posting
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replied on 06-08-2004 04:29PM [Reply]
ooh yay im the first! Name :arrow: Liz (most call me Lizzie McGuire) From :arrow: Dallas, Tx..born & raised Grad. Year :arrow: 2008, but I'm hoping for 07 :wink: Major :arrow: Print Journalizm..where the brains are at! Misc. :arrow: I play ball, watch Law & Order reruns, and plan on being a back-up, back-up dancer for Janet Jackson lol :wink: Shout out 2 my HU ppl..Kris, Kerry, Bella, Dawna, Carrie, Tiff, Brandon, Lydia, Jaime, Amber, Chizzie, Trist, Daruis, Stephanie, Seth, Slim, Juleah, Nicole dammit..the rest of yall know who u are!! Rock the White & Blue!
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d.blaze replied on 06-08-2004 04:32PM [Reply]
All new Hampton folks to the board sign in here. State Your :arrow: Name---Darius :arrow: Where You're From---Chesapeake from KCMO :arrow: Graduation Year---2004/2008/2009(edu.) :arrow: Anything else you want us to know---well i'm single a pisces i like long walks on the waterfront and picnics...i guess wut would be an ideal date to me is sharing a blanket n novel, preferably danielle steele or su'n from the BET love series while having a snack of milk n cookies...lol naah i don't have anything else...i am tryna double major in print journalism and education tho :wink:
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replied on 06-08-2004 04:46PM [Reply]
Hey everbody!!! I know I haven't posted in ages but I'm back now in full effect. Here we go: Name: Stephanie (Steph Luv, Steffie) Where From: Jersey!!! Right by the shore Graduation Year: 2008 Anything Else: I cant wait to get to HU!!! Let's see, something interesting...I was the queen of my Cotillion this year. I've won enough scholarship money (including Hampton Scholars-tuition) that right now it looks like my first and second years are about paid for. I'm tryna be Miss Hampton one day. Communications major. My mommy's alumni, my lil sister may be on her way in a few years. That's all for now.
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replied on 06-08-2004 04:55PM [Reply]
^^^ That's good Miss Hampton last year sucked :arrow: Carlene Reid :arrow: PG County, MD (you'll know us when you get there) :arrow: c/o 2006 (Ogre Phi Ogre 12) will be a Junior next year :arrow: I'm a Student Recruiter... I probably gave half your classmates tours of the campus. I applied to be a Student Leader...waiting for the results...if I make it I'll be there early helping most of you guys out. I'm a Gemini...I'll be staying in Dubois Hall...and I'm the moderator of this forum and the Book Club. Oh yeah I'm a nice person I just don't extend myself much to other people...but if ya need help, whatever feel free to ask...I probably won't say no.
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replied on 06-08-2004 08:45PM [Reply]
:arrow: Christopher Roberts :arrow: From Cheltenham, Pa....about 5 mins outside Philly :arrow: Class of 2008 :arrow: Looking forward to being at a place where people look like me, sound like me, have problems like me, where professors look like me,where people care about people who look like me, where people are striving to reach the top like me, where people will help other people who struggle like me.....Sounds like being at Hampton to me..
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replied on 06-09-2004 12:20PM [Reply]
:arrow: Nikisha Elliott :arrow: Long Branch NJ :arrow: i graduate the 18th of june 2004 :arrow: i just luv to have fun meet people. and enjoy life to the fullest
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replied on 06-09-2004 12:33PM [Reply]
Hey Serpent King, one of my best friends at school lives in cheltenham...you can literally walk across the street and be in Philly. What high school did you go to?
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replied on 06-09-2004 12:46PM [Reply]
Cheltenham High......
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replied on 06-09-2004 12:48PM [Reply]
Oh, she went to Central.
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